The Black Male Impact

Is created to help change the narrative and besides, it is our responsibility to help build and rebuild our community. This platform will include a downloadable mini magazine that will be showcasing successful Black men and what they have allied and learn over they years that have helped them to be successful.

“It is our obligation to give Black male student every opportunity to succeed. Besides, for society, for a country to thrive in a way the reflects progress and progress is where everyone who wants an opportunity to become their best self, have access to such possibility.”

Richard A. Cross

Empowering 1 Million Black Male Students


The mission of The Black Male Impact, is to provide Black male students who are our future generation to see the possibilities through those who have achieved esteem success and may have came from similar background as their but was still able to dispel the myth society may have placed on them. The goal is to help them develop the mindset to achieve esteem success despite where they have to start their journey.


Our vision is to help our black male students construct a positive self-image of themselves, and not only it will help to change society’s perspective, but it will help them to see themselves beyond the social construction of who they are. By realizing this vision, not only will they create a better future for themselves, break preconceived barriers but help to galvanized positive change for others coming behind them. The progress of our black male students are our progress and their success are our success.


To create positive change is not going to happen by accident and that means we must be intentional about the change we want to see. Therefore, with T.B.M.I we aim to make this mission be about:

Igniting possibilities

Mentoring the future generation

Painting a picture to incite what they can aspire to be

Affirming the greatness that is in them

Cultivating a sense of purpose to lead with dignity

Transcending barriers and set new standards




We want to increase the graduation and success rate of our black male students Get Involved It is imperative that we work collectively to help change the narrative and simultaneously help to provide opportunities those who sometimes get left behind and re left to limited resources but with the right guidance and perspective they can go beyond the limitations that is Infront of them. We are the change we have been waiting for!



My goal is to sell 5000 copies of my books combine to help ten (10) students to go to college. 100% of the proceeds from the 5000 copies will be going to the ten (10) students who will be selected.

The students will have to answer (2) questions: Why they want to go to college and what positive impact they want to make in the world/society?

Reason: I believe education can be the catalyst that can help to bring families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. Knowledge provides the power to dream of a better future. There were students who showed great potential academically while I was in high school but didn’t get an opportunity to change the situation that they were born into just because they didn’t have the financial help to do it. It’s more than ten (10) students who need financial help but by starting with (10) it will create a ripple effect that will lead to helping many more students to change their lives and their family lives.

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